Investing in Primary Care Resilience Support

How our parent company, Here, is helping us invest in Primary Care Resilience

We are really pleased to announce the usual service delivery model for IAS is back to full capacity at 30 minutes per head from September onwards. We are trying to make sure we offer what is most likely to be helpful.

From our contact with some of you, we are hearing that demand has been steadily increasing in practice, and it may be helpful to ramp up IAS provision overall to support at this time. We are in a position to do this and we are therefore doing 2 things.

Firstly we are looking to increase above the 30 minutes performance target over coming months so long as this capacity is well utilised.

Secondly we now hope to be able to support practices when unexpected events occur. Recently this has included

  • Short notice capacity problems in clinical staffing due to sickness
  • Staff self-isolating and unable to work remotely
  • Backlog of patients due to unexpected rapid increases in demand

In these scenarios we think we can offer any of the clinical specialities that we deliver in the IAS i.e. GP, ANP, Nurses, HCA, Phlebotomy or Pharmacist. The intention of this support is to be able to offer fast paced support to practices on the day to help manage demand, and we want to explore with you what is helpful and new ways of working.

In September we managed to support various practices across the city in this way including Ship Street Surgery. Please see quote below from Vida Tonna – Ship Street’s Practice Manager.

“IAS have really helped us out at incredibly short notice this week, providing our patients with more access to GP appointments. The workload has become overwhelming recently for our GPs and so I decided to seek help from IAS to see if they could provide us with support in any way. They replied swiftly and were able to set up and implement extra sessions solely for our practice to use to ease the burden. It has become instantly noticeable how much these extra sessions have supported our sole GP partner. Thank you so much and I really will not hesitate to contact you when we feel inundated in the future”

If this support is required or you would like any further clarification please contact Danny Leach at or on 07921000216.