Incidents, Complaints & Enquiries

Local Guidance:


Sussex Incident Reporting Process:

Sussex Covid-19 Mass Vacc Incident Reporting Process V 7.2 02.03.21

Incident Reporting Flow Chart:

Incident Reporting Flow Chart V 7.2

Incident Reporting Form:

Sussex Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Incident Reporting Form V 7.1

Cold Chain Incident Reporting Form:

Cold Chain Incident Reporting Form_April 2021


Racecourse Vaccination Site Complaints Process:

Racecourse GP Vacc Hub Complaint Reporting Process V 1.1

Complaint Reporting Flow Chart:

Complaint Reporting Flow Chart V 1.1

Complaint Reporting Form:

To be completed electronically and emailed to admin team to log on Datix – only to be used if no access to Datix at time of receiving complaint.

210520 Brighton Racecourse GP Vacc Hub Complaint Reporting Form V 1.1

Here Complaints Policy & Procedure:

National Guidance: