Meet the IAS Team – Isis

Isis has been with the IAS team since June 2019 and she is the Administrative Assistant and Recruitment Lead. Here she talks about what her role involves and the interactions she has with patients and her team.

A typical day for me would always involve making sure the Improving Access Service clinics are ready for the coming evening. This involves ensuring that the patients’ records are fully shared with our GPs to guarantee a safe clinic, answering queries, making sure we’re all okay with what they’re doing and supporting anything that might come up in the day. In our service you never really know what’s going to happen on the day, and we need to be prepared to prioritise as new tasks come up.

Another part of my job is to onboard new recruits. I really enjoy this aspect of my day to day, as I get to speak to new staff that are interested in IAS, and support them with their applications. It’s lovely to be able to interact with so many different clinicians and build relationships.

Going above and beyond

We recently had to cancel a clinic, which doesn’t happen too often. One of my responsibilities is to contact patients about their appointments and any changes that may occur. One of the patients that I called seemed very anxious about the state of his mental health. I was also concerned, and after the call I thought that there must be something we could do for him.

After speaking to the team, we arranged an appointment for him within our Primary Care Redirection service. Although this is supposed to be for 111 referrals, the nature of our service means we can be flexible, and it meant that he was put in touch with a clinician who could help him that evening. That’s something I like about this job, you do feel like you are making a difference when you get to personally help somebody out.

Getting involved and making a difference

IAS is one of the services that HERE (Care Unbound) provides, and HERE recently began some workshops for staff to openly discuss anti-racism.

In the first workshop it was great to hear what people had to say and I feel like we were able to be really honest – it was affirming to see lots of people wanting to be part of the conversation. I’m glad that our company broke the silence on it. Discussing issues such as racism openly, especially in the workplace, is something that I’m passionate about. It’s so important to think of the needs of others and to ensure that our BAME colleagues are listened to, so we can move forward as better allies.