IAS Monthly Newsletter


We are very excited to announce that ICE will be going live at the end of August! Our team have worked incredibly hard to find a solution to this to enable your shifts in IAS to be a lot easier. 

A communication will be sent out to you closer to the time with a confirmed go live date, along with a user guide and a screen recording for anyone that may need it. 

We hope that this will make a big difference to your work with us. All feedback is welcomed, and please do contact the team if you have questions surrounding this.



<a href=’https://www.freepik.com/photos/surprise-party’>Surprise party photo created by denamorado – www.freepik.com</a>


We have planned our next feedback session for Sunday the 14th of August from 9am-10am. The clinics will be blocked for the first hour to allow for this. 

We have also set up an email address to send us any feedback as and when it comes to mind: here.iasfeedback@nhs.net.

Additionally, there is now an anonymous feedback form on the IAS website if preferred. Please click here to access it: 



See below for advice regarding PPE & Heat Stress during the summer months:

210622 PPE and Heat Stress Advice for Non-Clinicians
210622 PPE and Heat Stress Advice for Clinicians

Clinical Case Auditing IAS Analysis – 6 months to May 2022