Feedback from the Patient, Practice and City

"All went very smoothly and good result."

“I was very impressed with the service and I found the doctor was extremely thorough. Also, I was not rushed and would recommend this service whole heartedly.” – a patient

"Extremely easy and convenient system"

“The appointment was straightforward, no communication issues, GP very relatable and helpful.” – a patient

“The doctor was friendly, helpful and very efficient in the constraints of trying to remain socially distanced.” – a patient

“Very helpful and pleasant Doctor. Very good service.” – a patient

"I had the best experience in ages. Not only was the appt available and easy to book, but the doctor rang on time, and then arranged a face to face appt for shortly afterwards to follow up on the phone consultation with a physical examination. The location was closer to my home than my GP surgery. Would hope this option will continue to be made available."