CAS Alerts

Here are safety alerts sent out to all staff in date order for easy access:

210329 Serious Shortage Protocol_Competact 15mg_850mg Tablets

210325 Medicine Supply Notification__Voriconazole 40mg per ml oral suspension

210323 Patient Alert Notice – Opioid Seeking Individual

210309 Serious Shortage Protocol_Salazopyrin EN Tabs 500mg

210304 Supply Disruption Alert_Repaglinide Tablets

210304 Supply Disruption Alert_Morphine Sulphate Prolonged Release Granules

210215 Supply Disruption Alert_Phyllocontin 225mg and 350mg modified release tablets

210209 Fraud Alert – Fake HMRC Emails

210208 Drug Alert Medicines Recall_GrĂ¼nenthal Ltd, Palexia 20 mgml Oral Solution

210128 Safety Alert_COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert

210126 Fraud Alert – COVID-19 Fake Vaccination Text

210104 Supply Disruption Alert Update_ Lithium Carbonate_Priadel

201109 Immediate Actions in response to Mink-Variant SARS-CoV-2 Virus in Denmark

200910 Drug Alert_Defect Information Zopiclone

200817 Safety Alert – Steroid Emergency Card

200724 Drug Alert – Illicit or Fake Benzodiazepines

200720 Drug Alert_Aspar Pharmaceuticals Ltd Ibuprofen

200706 Medical Device Alert_Abbott Trifecta Valve

200702 Drug Alert_Mepacrine Hydrochloride 100mg tablets

200616 Fraud-Alert COVID-19 NHS Test and Trace (June 2020)

200616 Fraud Alert COVID-19 Related Scams (May 2020)

200602 Supply Disruption Alert_Danazol 100mg and 200mg capsules

200602 Supply Disruption Alert_Zyban 150mg prolonged release tablets

200521 Drug Alert – Serious Shortage Protocol – fluoxetine 40mg capsules

200518 CAS Alert – Influenza Season 2019_20 Ending The Prescribing And Supply Of Antiviral Medicines

200518 Drug Alert – Emerade 500 micrograms solution for pre-filled syringe

200519 Safety Alert – Possible Cervical Screening Text Messaging Scam