Service Updates

Here are communications sent out to all staff including important process and service updates in date order for easy access.

220411 Advice from for Primary Care Ukraine Arrivals

220125 NHS daily drop-in vaccine confidence Q&A sessions pdf

220124 IAS – Service Comms VCOD V2 (1 PDF)

211220 ANP Booking Guide

211018 GP Auditing Review Feedback Letter Updated

210701 Infection Prevention and Control

210624 System Pressures – Important Communication from Clinical Lead IAS

210622 PPE and Heat Stress Advice for Clinicians

210622 PPE and Heat Stress Advice for Non-Clinicians

210601 Offering Face to Face Appointments in IAS

210524 TIAA – Fraud Alert – All Sectors – Smishing Texts From Banks (May 2021)

210520 Cyber Security Threat

210212 COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert_Colchicine – Trial Use Only

210127 Reporting to the Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 Cases in Vaccinated Individuals

210112 Supporting Doctors Throughout The Covid-19 Pandemic

201214 Mandatory Training Requirements for COVID Vaccination Sites

201124 IAS EMIS Template for GPs

201116 Mandatory Training BLS & Anaphylaxis – Practice Admin

201116 Mandatory Training BLS & Anaphylaxis

201112 Supporting Doctors Throughout the Second COVID-19 Wave

201109 Immediate Actions in response to Mink-Variant SARS-CoV-2 Virus in Denmark

201027 Infection Prevention & Control – IMPORTANT UPDATE

201026 Prescribing Newsletter & Supply Issues Information

201008 National Issues with Roche Pathology Supply Chain

201005 B&H Hot Hubs & Zoning Practices

201005 Reinstatement of Streaming from CED

200917 Staff Swabbing in Primary Care

200917 Nursing Appointment Timings_September 20

200910 Using the SignLive Service

200901 Leg Ulcer Clinic letter to GP Surgeries


200827 S1 GP Hub Textual Booking Process and registering patient on the system

200825 Expressions of Interest – 4th Year BSMS Medical Student Placements in IAS and PCR

200825 Pathology and Imaging Requests for S1 Practices in B&H

200825 Microsuction Service at Mile Oak Medical Centre

200810 COVID-19 Primary Care-SOP GP Practice V 3.4 August 2020

200806 Trans and Non Binary Link Service

200723 Increasing Available Shifts in PCR V.2

200720 Referring Patients to the Hot Site

200716 PPE Alert Wearing PPE in IAS & PCR

200716 New IAS Website

200706 Recording Prescriptions in EMIS Web

200706 Returning to the New Normal Nurse-HCA-Phleb

200703 RCGP Guidance on Masks and Face Coverings

200629 Nurse_HCA_Phlebotomy Return to the New Normal Q&A

200625 Important Updates: Shielding and PPE Risk of Heat Stress

200623 Important – Update to Face Mask Requirements at Wellsbourne Health Centre

200622 Important – Update to Face Mask Requirements at PCR

200616 SHAC Young Persons Clinic Re-Opening

200616 Cyber Security & Fraud Alerts

200616 Changes to the Colorectal Pathway duringĀ  the COVID-19 Pandemnic

200616 Updated Guidance – Pulse Oximetry and Remote Monitoring

200615 Important – Face Mask Requirements in IAS and PCR

200609 Supply Disruption Alerts_Zyban and Danazol

200603 Using Vision 360 for University of Sussex Medical Centre Patients

200529 COVID-19 Primary Care SOP GP Practice_V3 29 May 2020

200528 Children Returning to School_Letter from LMC

200527 Hove Polyclinic Phlebotomy

200519 Covid-19 General Case Definition Change

200514 Clinical Case Audits in Improving Access Services

200514 New B&H Drug & Alcohol Service

200511 Indemnity for Improving Access and Primary Care Redirection

200507 Hot Hub Patient Transport_Clarification

200506 Hot Hub Patient Transport

200428 Pathology Samples for Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Patients

200424 EMIS Patients in IAS – Hot Sites

200411 Remote Consultations using accuRx Fleming Video software on the S1 GP Hub V 1.1

200412 MED3 Fit Notes How to Issue and Send via accuRx Process Notes V 1.0

200410 IAS- PCR – Safety Alerts NHS 111

200401 Primary Care Redirection Service – Important Service Updates